What is Cara Connnect?


We recognise that this is a particularly isolating time for those in our campus community, with some feeling isolated, lonely, or disconnected from those around them. To work to combat these feelings we are re-launching the CARA Connect Programme which aims to support the power of conversation and connection.  


This programme is a peer buddy system, where students will be matched together to meet up virtually for conversation, games, and a bit of fun! We also hope that as we move out of level 5 restrictions, we can encourage groups to meet up for safe socially distant activities (e.g., walks/exercise, set up a weekly call/coffee or just to have someone you can say hello to each week!) The system will help participants to increase social interactions and form new friendships with other students and their peers.  


As we adjust to current situations, we understand and acknowledge that opportunities to meet your fellow students and make new friends is limited, and that things are a little overwhelming right now. This programme in a small way aims to help bridge this gap and provide opportunities for you to meet new people!

If you would like to participate in CARA Connect please complete the application form here 


You can also contact Aisling Harrington ( and Cameron Keighron ( for more information.  

‘’ It was great for helping me feel a part of the college community while we cannot be on campus.’’ 

‘’It was great to meet new people.’’ 

‘' Nice to meet new people....
good way of getting more friends in lockdown.’' 

‘’ It was really helpful and I'm so glad I joined the programme, I really enjoyed it.’’ 

‘’ Knowing that there were other students in my area was comforting when I'm feeling isolated.’’