the quadrangle



The Quadrangle was the original building for NUI Galway. It was built in 1885 and currently is used for administrative purposes. The President and Vice President's office are located here along. The Aula Maxima can be found at the heart of the quad and is used to host official receptions throughout the year.

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Directions and GPS:

The Quad is located beside the South Campus entrance in front of the President's Lawn.

Location Coordinates:
53°17'00.9"N 9°03'50.7"W

Student Calendar:

Student Calendar:

What's Inside This Building?:

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Aula Maxima

Human Resources

Office of the President

Office of the Vice President

Map of the building:

Ground Floor North


Ground Floor South


First Floor North


First Floor South


Mezz Level North


Mezz Level South


Fun Facts:

The Quadrangle first opened its doors to 68 students on 30th October 1849 and the University, then known as Queen's College was born.

The University was one of three Queen's Colleges, the others located in Cork and Belfast.